Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rocking Out on Rock Place

My wife Pamela must have thought I was nuts to leave this good paying job to strike out on my own again but then again, she never had much interest in my first love of being a leather worker. We had moved from my bachelor pad on the east side to a cozy home in the suburb of Glendale. In the one car attached garage I set up my clicker machine and stored my leather. No room for the cars so we packed them in the driveway. Above the garage was a room equal to the size of the garage. Here I was again, happy to be on my own doing the craft I loved.

Milwaukee Journal - 1982

This article above appeared in the Milwaukee Journal shortly after I began selling my handmade items again but this time I was at the new Grand Avenue in the push cart program on the sky bridge over second street. At first I was only going to be at Grand Avenue for a couple of weeks but after experiencing some of the best sales I ever had, I decided to stay on for many more years. Frank Zappa's daughter Moon Unit said it best in her song Valley Girl. "Gag with me with a spoon".

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